Best Birthday Bouquets for Her

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Handpicking fresh, fragrant flowers and arranging these into a vibrant bouquet of mixed seasonal blooms has for years been the strategy for people looking for thoughtful gifts. 

And if you’re celebrating any of the special women in your life (mom, wife, sister, girlfriend, best friend, etc), you should also consider birthday bouquets for her, and for good reasons;

“Flowers help us connect with emotions as these blooming gifts are perfect for expressing different kinds of feelings and celebrating different kinds of moments.”

If it’s her day, why not spoil her rotten?

A beautiful bouquet of birthday flowers hand-crafted by your favorite Squamish local florist is one of the most ingenious ways you could brighten up her day. 

While you may struggle with knowing which style and combination would work best for her, we’ve compiled this guide on ‘Birthday Bouquets for Her’ to help you make her feel super special on her birthday!


1. Brighten Up Your Day Birthday Bouquet

Brighten Up Your Day Birthday Bouquet

Source: Billies House, Brighten Up Your Day

This bouquet comprises roses, disbuds, bittersweet, and Dahlias and has an appearance that’s more of bright oranges and a touch of white. Billies House offers this flower combination and can deliver around Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, and the surrounding areas. 

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday bouquet that will brighten up her day and melt her heart, it doesn’t get any better than this!


2. Autumn Tropical Birthday Bouquet

Autumn Tropical Birthday Bouquet for Her

This bouquet inspired by some of the finest and most exotic flowers in the tropics will get her feeling special on her birthday. The masterpiece is designed with a protea headline flower. 

The protea is one of the most sought-after flowers in the world. This will go to show her just how much their existence means to you!


3. Tropical Sunset Birthday Bouquets for Her

Tropical Sunset Birthday Bouquet

The master florists at Billies House designed this masterpiece through a clever mix of Pin Cushion Protea, Mokara, Eremurus, lily, and palm. The result is a beautiful bouquet that not only shines its beautiful colours but also exudes the warmth and beauty of tropical sunset. 

This birthday bouquet is sure to light up their day and is available for delivery throughout Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Furry Creek, Britannia Beach, and the surrounding areas. 


4. Single Wrapped Rose 

Single Wrapped Rose

Source: Billies House, A Single Wrapped Rose

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than this enchanting and elegant single stem of rose flower and accent flower, wrapped with extra love in a natural fabric from your favorite Squamish florist. It will make her feel loved more than ever on her special day! It’s simple, stunning, classing, and very enchanting. This is the ultimate no-frills birthday bouquet for her!


5. Luxurious Dozen Roses

Birthday Rose Bouquet

Roses are synonymous with love and adoration.

But if you want to make her day much more awesome, this luxury hand-arranged bouquet of a dozen roses will make her day. There’s nothing simple about this. It’s an elaborate piece that will delight her beyond words can ever do.


6. Fragrance & Foliage

Fragrance & Foliage Birthday Bouquet for Her

This type of birthday bouquets for her is based on a clever combination of colourful blooms and sweet fragrances. At Billies House, we offer a piece like this that combines exotic protea with fragrant lilies, rich Callas, and long-lasting disbuds, alongside some other beautiful complimentary foliages. You can treat her to this combo of scented foliage to make her day as sweet and memorable as possible. 


7. Cotton Woods Birthday Bouquets for Her

Cotton Woods Birthday Bouquets

We love rustic flower arrangements here at Billies House. 

Coincidentally, some of our best pieces in this area have been those that incorporate cotton, twigs, greenery, and Protea leaves. These bouquets are great for every special occasion! 

That said, if you decide to gift this to her on her birthday, not only will this flower bouquet brighten up her day; they last longer than many others and will continue to make her feel great for days!


8. Sea to Sky Flower Bouquet

Sea to Sky Flower Bouquet for Her

Source: Billies House, Sea to Sky

This flower bouquet is an homage to the beautiful mountain scenery of our Sea-to-Sky Corridor. It’s a combo of soft textural flowers in palettes of cream, blue, lavender, and a touch of pink. 

This is one of our favorite flower arrangements here at Billies House and we’re certain the special woman in your life will like it too!


9. Honey Bunch Birthday Bouquets for Her

Honey Bunch Birthday Bouquet for Her

This Honey Bunch bouquet is an assortment of wildflowers in palettes of yellow, white, blue, and purple. One of the great things about this bouquet is its versatility for men and women, boys, and girls, and just about any occasion. It has this rustic feel and yet looks very sophisticated and beautiful. 


10. Pure Joy in White Hand-Tied Bouquet

Pure Joy Hand-Tied Bouquet

Source: Billies House, Pure Joy Hand-Tied Bouquet

This bouquet combines fresh locally grown flowers like daisies, roses, magnolia, eucalyptus, and waxflower to design a birthday bouquet that’s cheerful, lush, fragrant, velvety, and sweet, all at once!

This bouquet, with its white classical appearance, is wrapped in a natural fabric and brown papers. Like its name, it’s sure to make the special woman feel a lot more joyful and cheerful on her day.  


Choosing Birthday Flowers By Month

If you’re choosing a birthday bouquet for her and struggling to decide on what’s best, perhaps considering the birth month and the flowers associated with it could help lead you in a good direction. The table below highlights specific flowers associated with certain birth months.

Birth MonthBirthday Flowers
JanuaryCarnations, snowdrops
February Violet, iris 
March Daffodil, jonquil
April Daisy, sweet peas
May Lily of the valley, hawthorns
June Rose, honeysuckle
July Larkspur, water lily
August Gladiolus, poppy
September Aster 
October Marigold, cosmos
November Chrysanthemum 
December Narcissus, holly, poinsettia 


Flowers will help you send the right message on any occasion.

If the special woman in your life is celebrating her birthday, any of these birthday bouquets for her will help you convey your feelings and emotions way more than you probably can do with your words. It’s a simple way to make their day more bright, colourful, and sweet, on a day that holds so much significance for them. 


Birthday flower delivery service in Squamish

At Billies House, we’re ever-ready to help make your special someone feel even more special on their birthdays. Along with birthdays, we also offer flower bouquets for anniversaries, weddings, graduation ceremonies, promotions, etc. Our florists will help you design and arrange beautiful flowers into vibrant bouquets that will reflect the moment. 

We offer birthday flower delivery service to locations across Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Furry Creek, Britannia Beach, and the surrounding areas. 

Billies House also offers flower subscription services if you want to treat that special someone to a weekly or monthly delivery of fresh, colourful, and fragrant flowers. You can place your order HERE or contact us if you need help with anything!