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One of the core values of Billies Flower House is being a leader in our community.  In addition to providing flowers, plants, workshops, employment, work experience opportunities and a beautiful sanctuary in downtown Squamish we donate items a number of non-profit organizations each year.  We have a set budget each quarter and once the budget is reached we are no longer able to accept further donation requests for that quarter. Due to the large number of donation requests we receive, we apologize that being a small business we are not able to honour all requests. 

The following criteria will be considered for all donation requests. 

  • Donations will only be issued to non-profit organizations. 
  • The request must be received a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of the donation confirmation deadline. 
  • Each charity is eligible to receive one donation per year. 
  • As multiple events often benefit the same organization, please be advised that a donation to your charity may already have been awarded through another event. 
  • Preference may be given to organizations and to charities that did not receive our support the previous year. 
  • Special consideration may be given to organizations that recognize Billies Flower House through signage and program mention, allow cross-promotional opportunities.


Phone : 604.892.9232

Location: 38082 Cleveland Avenue
Squamish, BC V8B 0B2

Send us your question or comment, we are always available to help.