Getting Ready for Christmas: 5 Things to Do to Get Your Home in the Holiday Spirit

Nov 26, 2020Business, Sea to Sky, Squamish0 comments

The Christmas season is upon us again. 

It’s time to keep a cool head and start preparing for the holiday. You know it’s not too early to start prepping your presents, parties, menu, decor, and everything now. Leaving it for later can be counterproductive, especially if you have kids around.

This post will help you get your home nicely decorated in time for Christmas. If you’re struggling to piece all of these together, the five tips below will help you get started now!


1. Deck your home with Christmas decorations 

Your home is probably the first place to begin to set the mood for the season. 

So, it has to be a beautiful visual reminder throughout the holidays. You’ll need the best Christmas decor ideas to actualize this. While there are no limits to what you can try, here are some recommended tips for giving your home a festive touch;

  • Christmas candles: scented, novelty, colourful, and even plain candles can help you create the ideal Christmas ambiance.
  • Christmas garlands: can quickly transform your indoor spaces, front door, etc. Weave in a few light strips into live greenery to create the perfect Christmas showcase.
  • Poinsettias: red, white, or pink poinsettias in colorful pots can make great scenes around the fireplace hearth, beside console tables or sideboards, as well as around your Christmas tree.  
  • Living wreaths: wreaths on the front door or over the mantel will help enhance your home. Some people even place small wreaths on their front windows. Others go as far as placing wreaths on the front of their vehicles. 
  • Other Christmas decor items might include festive ribbons, swags, and ropings, etc. 


christmas wreath decorations

2. Use lots of greens and reds to make your home merry and bright 

The classic Christmas colors of red and green are the easiest to work with. These colors have a long history that dates back to several centuries. 

But while red and green are most associated with Christmas, you can still incorporate a bit of white, gold, and purple to give your decor a chic and unique appearance. That said, you can hardly ever go wrong with greens and reds!


3. Cozy up your home for Christmas

We’ve recommended decor ideas for a toasty and comfy makeover of your home in time for Christmas. If done nicely, this should help make your home warm and inviting for cozy nights. 

Pay heed to Christmas trees, fireplace mantels, table decor, throw pillows, and more. Get your PJs ready for cozy nights by the fire and perhaps a cup of hot chocolate. This is a big part of the Christmas experience you shouldn’t miss out on. 

cozy christmas decor

4. Schedule quality family time during the holiday

The Christmas season is one of the best times for families.

Research has shown that families who spend more time together tend to have stronger emotional bonds. And because people are happier and friendlier to be around with during Christmas, the holiday season is, therefore, an excellent time for family get-togethers.

COVID-19 has made it risky to organize mass gatherings. 

But you can still spend time with your immediate family over the holiday. You can schedule some time for a Christmas movie marathon, for instance. Again, you can also set time aside for games and activities for everyone to unwind. There are a lot of other things you can consider. In the end, these will help enhance communication and bolster a sense of belonging among family members, especially children.  

5. Plan your budget

The Christmas season is a season of generosity, but it can also be expensive.

You’ll need to set up a budget to ensure you don’t get carried away in the middle of these. That budget should include allocations for presents, food, decoration, and every other merriment you plan for Christmas. This is important to avoid unpleasant surprises long after the holidays are over. 


Fortunately, getting your home Christmas-ready can be quite affordable when you know where to shop. At Billies House, we offer a diverse variety of plants, flowers, as well as gift and decor items to help you get in the spirit of Christmas. 

Whether it’s Christmas candles for your holiday decor, Christmas wreaths for the front door and other strategic places, or gift items for your loved ones, Billies House has all you’ll need to make your home merry and bright. Shop our store or contact us today to help you get started.