Mother’s Day At Billies House

Celebrate The Moms in Your Life This Year

At Billies House, we love celebrating Mother’s Day. For all the moms in your life, we have a unique Mother’s Day gift designed to treat every one of them. From flowers to gifts, you’ll certainly find something perfect for your mom, your wife, your partner, etc. Dare we say, you might even fall in love with one of our unique gifts that offers both flowers and gifts. We’re confident that you’ll be able to make any mother feel special on Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re looking to surprise new moms or express gratitude to one of your mother figures who’s made a significant impact in your life, we can find you the perfect gift. Take a look at what we offer below, or contact us if you need help making a decision. Ultimately, we know you’ll make her feel loved and appreciated.

Discover the perfect gift that she’ll love, and make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

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Designed Floral Arrangements

Seasonal Bouquets

Explore our hand-picked seasonal bouquets bursting with vibrant colours and fragrances, specially crafted to brighten Mom’s day. Each bouquet is a masterpiece of nature’s beauty, designed to convey your deepest sentiments on this special occasion.

From the delicate whispers of spring tulips to the bold statements of summer roses, our floral delights are selected with utmost care to ensure they bring joy and warmth to her heart.

seasonal bouquet handtied brights pink

Seasonal Vase Arrangements

Discover elegant vase arrangements that capture the season’s essence, perfect for adorning Mom’s home with natural beauty. Each arrangement is a harmonious blend of seasonal blooms designed to express appreciation and enhance the aesthetics of her living space.

Whether it’s the soft pastels of spring or the rich hues of fall, these vase arrangements are meticulously crafted to stand out, ensuring mom receives a great gift as unique and beautiful as she is.

vase arrangment brights

Love in a Mug

Show how much your Mom means to you with a heartwarming arrangement in a beautifully crafted mug, symbolizing your love and appreciation. This Love in a Mug from Billies House merges the comfort of the best gift with the practicality of a keepsake mug.

Each mug has a charming arrangement of petite blooms, chosen for their vibrant colours and enduring beauty. It’s a perfect way to remind her of the special place she holds in your heart with every sip she takes.

love in a mug


While seemingly simple, tulips make a lovely addition to any home on Mother’s Day. Their pastel hues can brighten up a room and fill it with a sweet fragrance. By carefully choosing colours like pink, purple, and yellow, a beautiful bouquet of tulips is a heartfelt way to show love to the moms in your life.

tulips thirty handtied bouquet beargrass

This year, delight with a unique selection from our range of gift boxes.

Gourmet Squamish Gift Box

Uncover our carefully curated Gourmet Squamish Gift Box, featuring a selection of local and artisanal treats ideal for treating Mom to a luxurious culinary experience. This exquisite collection showcases the best of local craftsmanship, including handcrafted chocolates, gourmet cheeses, and other savoury and sweet delights.

Each element is chosen for its quality, taste, and joy, making it the perfect way to indulge Mom’s sophisticated palate and create lasting memories.

gourmet gift basket fruit cheese chocolate crackers spreads


Explore our premium collection of chocolates, each piece crafted to perfection, offering a sweet token of your love and gratitude.

From the rich, decadent dark chocolates to the creamy, smooth milk varieties and the innovative flavours infused with fruits and nuts, our selection promises an exquisite taste experience. These chocolates are not just treats; they are the tastiest local chocolates you can offer.

Perfect for the experienced and new moms alike, with a sophisticated palate or the one who finds joy in the simple pleasure of a sweet moment, this gift is a luxurious way to say, “Thank you, Mom, for everything.”

hummingbird chocolate Fleur de Sel

Looking for something long lasting? Discover our beautiful plants.

Lovely Orchids

Gift Mom an elegant orchid, a timeless symbol of grace and beauty, adding a touch of sophistication to her space. These exquisite plants are known for their delicate flowers and enduring bloom, making them a perfect Mother’s Day gift that continues to express your love long after the holiday has passed.

Our selection of orchids comes in various colours and species, each capable of creating a serene and inviting ambiance in her home or office. Easy to care for and mesmerizing, an orchid from Billies House promises to be a centrepiece she’ll cherish and admire.

potted orchid plant pot

Planter Gardens

Explore our planter garden collection, a low-maintenance yet charming gift that brings a touch of nature into Mom’s living space. Each garden is thoughtfully arranged with various hardy succulents, known for their resilience and minimal care requirements, making them a perfect symbol of enduring love.

These succulent gardens come in stylish containers that enhance any room’s modern and traditional decor. It’s a gift that celebrates the beauty of nature and embodies strength and growth, reflecting the enduring bond between you and your mother. Give her a piece of art that grows more beautiful with time, just like your relationship.

planter basket


Discover our mesmerizing terrariums, a unique and artistic way to bring the tranquillity of nature into Mom’s home. Each terrarium is a miniature landscape, meticulously handcrafted to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that captures the beauty of the natural world.

With designs ranging from lush green landscapes to desert-inspired scenes, these glass-encased gardens offer a peaceful, serene view that can brighten any room.

Perfect for the mom who appreciates the artistry of nature or seeks a calm and soothing environment, our terrariums are more than gifts; they’re windows to a world of serene beauty.

glass terrarium bowl airplants dried moss

Express Your Love and Appreciation

As you explore these unique and colourful options for Mother’s Day, remember that every gift from Billies House is more than just an item — it’s a message of love, appreciation, and gratitude towards the special woman who has made a significant impact in your life. You don’t need a heart-shaped collage or sterling silver to make your mom feel special this year.

Make this Mother’s Day unforgettable by choosing a perfect, thoughtful token that celebrates the remarkable mothers in your lives.