How to Make Your Small Intimate Wedding More Beautiful & Celebratory

Mar 1, 2021Blog Post0 comments

Not everyone is a fan of big weddings with blowout parties. 

But even if you are, this is a risky time to get people gathered for a wedding. Provinces and territories across Canada have made rules on gathering limits during the pandemic. But you can still plan a small intimate wedding to share the moment with the people closest to you. 

While fewer guests can mean less costs and much more fun, the following tips will help make your small wedding even much safer, special, beautiful, and celebratory!


1. Invite your nearest and dearest 

Holding a small wedding means you can only invite few guests.  

While this can be a challenge when family and friends are in hundreds, there’s a need to pare down your guest list. The simple trick is to invite the people dearest and nearest to you.

Most often, these should be people you would have no issue hosting at your house for dinner any other day. If at the end of curating your list you still feel guilty about leaving out some people, then you can consider live-streaming the ceremony to make others feel included.


2. Choose a small but meaningful venue

Your budget, the number of guests, wedding theme, and personal preferences will determine where you chose to hold your wedding. The venue in turn will set the tone for the big day. 

For your small wedding, you need a venue that’s meaningful and perfect for the moment. 

Your options can range from local and national parks to gardens and barns, among others. And if driving outside your neighborhood does not fit into your plans, you can even consider tying the knot in your backyard. Backyard weddings can be quite fun and beautiful if you can put a bit of effort into the decor. 


Talking of decor, that brings us to our next topic!


3. Go big on decor and floral wedding decorations

The right decorations will make your small wedding come alive! 

So, it’s a great thing that the reduced costs of the wedding, in general, will give you greater leeway to splash on decor and floral decorations. String lights, beautiful bouquets, floral garlands, large centerpieces, candlelight, and lanterns, among others, will easily help make your small wedding feel magical and beautiful. 

 If you’re planning a small wedding in Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Furry Creek, and the surrounding areas, Billies House offers floral and wedding decor items and services that will make your small wedding come alive! 

4. Add personal touches as much as possible

A small intimate wedding provides the perfect opportunity for couples to break away from tradition and add personal touches to their day. 

From choosing venues that carry meanings and significance to couples to designing the venue to feel more personal for the couple and the few guests expected, there are many ways you can add bespoke touches to a small wedding that could be challenging to achieve with a big one. Fortunately, adding more personality to the day can help you better engage your guests while making the event more fun and memorable.  


5. Focus on what matters to you

One of the first things you want to do while planning a wedding is to create a budget. 

Whether it’s an intimate wedding or a more elaborate one, you’ll be better off focusing on what really matters to you and your spouse.  Couples will feel happy with the small celebration that effectively takes a lot of pressure off their minds. Not a fan of dancing? Then maybe you shouldn’t invite a DJ! Want a designer cake? You can have it! 

Since you don’t have to spend the whole day in the spotlight trying to impress hundreds of guests invited, there will be a far better chance to plan the day your way. Focus on what matters to you. Just do you!



Can’t wait to tie the knot with your beloved?

Less costs, less stress, and low risks of COVID transmission are some of the many reasons why you should consider a small wedding.

Whether you’re trying to comply with COVID-19 rules or have never been a fan of big and elaborate weddings in the first place, a small wedding with fewer guests, if done well, can more easily set the tone for a much more intimate, cozy, and romantic wedding.