10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas from Billies House

Dec 20, 2020Business, Sea to Sky, Squamish0 comments

Want to make your Christmas more meaningful and exciting?

We’ve scoured the web for some of the best unique and thoughtful gifts you can give friends, family, and everyone on your list. The good thing is these Christmas gift ideas from Billies House are not just good for the special people in your life; they are so great we think you’ll even want to get some for yourself too!


1. Jewelry Christmas gifts

Only a few other gifts come close to jewelry when you need timeless and memorable Christmas gifts. If you want to, you can gift someone something sparkly for Christmas.

We carry products from iconic local brands from Justine Brooks to Treeline Collective, Ugly Bunny, and Birch Street Studio. And trust us, you’ll be sure to find the best Christmas jewelry gifts here at Billies!

2. Cute mugs from local potters 

The best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive. That’s why we love these beautiful mugs from local potters in Squeamish as cute holiday gifts. 

If you’re looking for the perfect Secret Santa gifts this holiday, you can choose from our diverse collection of beautiful mugs your recipients will be able to enjoy immediately!


3. Christmas plant gifts ideas

Plants freshen up the home, and if you’re looking for affordable gifts for Christmas, you can consider some of our festive favourites here at Billies House.

From Christmas cacti to Amaryllis and more, Billies House offers all you need whether you’re looking to decorate your house in Christmas booms or need the perfect Christmas plant gifts for the plant lovers in your life.


4. Christmas rugs and doormats

You could help your loved ones warm up their home with beautiful Christmas rug gifts. These rugs and doormats make excellent gifts that will be appreciated by the recipients even long after the holiday is gone!

christmas doormat gifts ideas

5. Pillow gifts for Christmas

If you’re looking for thoughtful Christmas gifts in Squamish, you can hardly go wrong with pillows and pillowcases. Everyone sleeps, so you know they’ll like soft-cushion pillow gifts.

The good thing is you don’t have to worry too much about colour choices as even the pickiest person will appreciate whatever colour you choose. 


6. Charcuterie boards

Need simple and yet thoughtful gifts?

Gorgeous charcuterie boards are also worthy of your attention; if you have ‘foodies’ on your list and you want to surprise them with thoughtful gifts. These delicious grazing boards are sure to win the holidays if you need the perfect Christmas gift for charcuterie lovers.


7. Beautiful salt spring island hot sauce

There are a lot of very cool and awesome locally made gifts that give back. Some of such locally made Christmas gifts we recommend include spicy sweets and preserves and hot sauces from Saltspring Kitchen Co, a local brand based out of B.C’s west coast. 

If you need flavour-forward and funky hot sauces as Christmas gifts, you’ll hardly find anything better than these!

salt island spring sauce


8. Christmas ornaments

The best things in life often come in small packages.

The above is right about ornaments. If you’re looking for fun and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas, the folks at Billies recommend giving beautiful Christmas ornaments.  Your recipients will be proud to display them during this Christmas and other holiday seasons.


9. Scented candles

Billies House offers a diverse range of giftable scented candles from local brands such as Brand & Iron, Hollowtree, Homecoming, etc.

They come in different price points and scent profiles and are great for creating a cozy atmosphere indoors. These candles burn for much longer, have strong scents, and are worth giving to your loved ones. 

scented candles for christmas


10. Soap gift ideas

Natural artisanal soaps will make wonderful gifts for family and friends this Christmas. We offer a diverse selection from local brands such as Pep Soap, Rainwater Soap, Anto Yukon, etc. 

Let the special people in your life enjoy the good stuff, even in small everyday things. These beautiful soap gifts are as awesome as they can be!

forest christmas soap gifts



Let the special people in your life understand you care about them this Christmas. The good thing is you don’t even have to break the bank to show this. By getting some of these gifts we recommend, you’re also likely to be supporting some of the local small businesses that continue to fuel the growth of our local communities. There’s hardly a better way to celebrate Christmas knowing you’re spreading Christ-like love around with everything you do!


Wishing you a joy-filled holiday from all of us here at Billies!

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