Love is in the Air at Billies House

Explore Our Valentine’s Day Flowers, Plants and Gift Baskets.

This Valentine’s Day, step into the enchanting world of Billies House, where love is celebrated in an array of vibrant bloom bouquets, locally sourced gift baskets, and gorgeous living plants. Let us serve as your guide to finding the perfect gesture of affection for the special day.

From the classic charm of our varied bouquet selections to the lasting beauty of our wide range of indoor plants and the indulgent allure of our hand-curated gift baskets, we have something for everyone. Celebrate love in all its forms with Billies House this Valentine’s Day.

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Bouquets Are a Timeless Way of Showing Your Love and Appreciation

At Billies House, we offer a diverse selection of Valentine’s Day flowers designed with that special someone in mind. Our range includes classic red rose bouquets, perfect for declaring your love, to more contemporary arrangements featuring mixed flowers in vibrant hues.

For a truly unique gift, opt for our custom bouquets, where our expert florists will craft a design tailored to your loved one’s preference, be it a minimalist arrangement of lilies or a lavish display of orchids. Every bouquet at Billies House is handcrafted and thoughtfully arranged, conveying your sentiments beautifully this Valentine’s Day.

We take pride in providing unique and special ways for you to express your love. Our bouquets are not just simple flower arrangements but a testament to our passion for floral artistry.

Giving Flowers is a Caring Gesture

Offering flowers on Valentine’s Day is more than a tradition; it’s a meaningful gesture communicating deep feelings and appreciation. Each bloom is a symbol, narrating a tale of love and passion. Red and pink roses, for instance, are widely recognized as a symbol of love and romance, making them the quintessential Valentine’s bouquet.

Giving flowers presents a visually beautiful gift and conveys a message that transcends words. It’s a heartfelt way to express your love this Valentine’s Day.

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Thoughtful and Loving Gift Baskets

Not sure you want to offer flowers this year? At Billies House, we have amazing local presents for Valentine’s Day for those seeking a gift beyond the traditional bouquet. Thoughtfully curated to cater to various tastes, each gift basket is a unique collection of high-quality items (often sourced locally) that promise to delight your loved one. Our gift baskets help you express your love uniquely and effectively.

Each gift basket is elegantly packaged and can be delivered directly to your loved one’s doorstep, making for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day surprise.

The Beauty of Plants

Gifting plants on Valentine’s Day is a beautiful and thoughtful gesture that represents growing love. Plants symbolize life, growth, and hope, mirroring the blossoming relationship between you and your loved one. Potted plants can thrive for years, constantly reminding you of your special bond.

They also contribute to a serene and calming environment by purifying the air and adding a touch of nature to any indoor space. At Billies House, we offer various indoor plants, from elegant orchids to unique planters and terrariums, all perfectly suited as a unique Valentine’s Day gift. Each plant comes in an attractive pot, ready to be displayed and admired.

Show Your Love With A Valentine’s Day Gift From Billies House.

Browse our lovely Valentine’s Day gifts, including unique floral bouquets, local gift baskets, and beautiful indoor plants. Our bouquets feature an array of flower types, each carrying its own symbolism of love, devotion, and passion.

For those seeking an alternative to traditional bouquets, our curated gift baskets offer various appealing options, from gourmet delights to artisan indulgences, carefully selected to cater to diverse tastes. In addition, our range of indoor plants serves as a long-lasting, eco-friendly gift option that symbolizes life, growth, and enduring love. Plus you can have your gifts and flowers delivered too.

We take pride in delivering beautiful gifts for your loved ones in all neighbourhoods of Squamish. This Valentine’s Day, show your love with a gift from Billies House.

Unsure what to choose? Call us and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect gift for your love one.