7 + 1 Wreaths Ideas for Front Door

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Whether you’re setting the mood for a beautiful Merry Christmas or just want to spice up your home’s decor for fall, winter, or any season, a gorgeous wreath on your front door can help you make the right first impression and set the stage for an impeccable welcome.

But while it’s one thing to know you need wreaths, it’s another thing to be able to choose the best one for your home. We’ve compiled this list of seven wreath ideas and one more to help you select or design show-stopping wreaths for your front door. 


1. Traditional wreaths

Wreaths have this ancient historical symbolism that ranges from eternal life to honour and victory, among other things. Traditional wreaths are one of a kind. 

You can always get custom and unique handmade traditional wreaths to give your front door a magical dose of holiday cheers.

traditional wreaths ideas

2. Dried wreaths

Dried flowers are trendy, and so are dried wreaths. 

Unlike artificial wreaths, these are made from natural materials that have been dried and preserved. With dried wreaths, you get the durability and maintenance-free benefits of faux wreaths with a touch of naturalness. If you need a gorgeous wreath you can use year in, year out, this is it!


3. Christmas wreaths 

Christmas wreaths are more about purpose than they are about style. 

But designing a wreath for Christmas is always going to influence the style and design of such wreaths. These wreaths can be made from an assortment of different plants and flowers. But they must have that treasured look of Christmas. 

Billies House can help you up the ante on your doorway if you need gorgeous and unique Christmas wreaths for a holiday. 

christmas wreaths ideas

4. Babies breath wreaths

Rustic and classic baby breaths are great for weddings and make perfect gifts for new moms. But they can also serve as elegant wreaths for springs, Christmas, and just about any season.

Babies breath wreaths can last about 8 to 10 days with proper care. It’s great for different seasons and reasons and will make your doorway look inviting for days!


5. Vintage ornament wreaths

Vintage ornament wreaths are just what they are. They are made from ornaments of different colors, sizes, and shapes. You can easily incorporate plants as well to give this wreath a chic and gorgeous look. These types of wreaths are as beautiful as any other and can help you set the mood from your entryway this festive season. 


6. Floral wreaths

What do you get when you weave different beautiful flowers together? You’ll get super stylish and uniquely amazing floral wreaths that will transform the atmosphere around your doorways or wherever they are placed!

Our florists at Billies House can help you design floral wreaths to help give your doors and walls the natural feel and a festive touch through Christmas and beyond.


7. Grapevine wreaths

This class of wreaths rarely stands on their own, although they still look good as standalone wreaths. Grapevine wreaths are mostly used as a base for other wreaths, like Christmas wreaths, for instance. But these wreaths are quite flexible and can be paired with different types of flowers, plants, and accessories for different occasions.  

grapevine wreaths

Swags and garlands

Finally, we recommend fresh swags and floral garlands for anyone looking to add a touch of beauty and freshness. These are great for weddings and holiday decor. 

If you ever need to add an extra pop to doors and wall spaces in Squeamish, BC, you can always work alongside experienced florists for meaningful and magical results. With wreaths, swags, and garlands, there’s no limit to what you can do. Contact us today at Billies House for flowers, gifts, decor items, etc.